Jigija Fire Training Program


Mon 08 January 18

Members of our Jigija fire crew also work as Gangalidda & Garawa Rangers, employed through the Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation.  The Jigija Indigenous Fire Program has been developed from the work conducted by the rangers in fire management and biodiversity monitoring since 2007.

The Gangalidda & Garawa Rangers are based in Burketown.  They are funded through both the Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers Program and the Working on Country Program. Gangalidda & Garawa Rangers are responsible for managing their traditional country from the Leichhardt River west to the Northern Territory border. Ranger activities include weed control (with particular emphasis on stopping the westerly spread of declared Weeds of National Significance across the Territory border), feral animal control, beach surveys and marine debris patrols, biodiversity and native vegetation monitoring and engaging with local schools through their Junior Ranger Program.

 For more information see:  Gangalidda Garawa Rangers Facebook page

Gangalidda ranger monitors native vegetation
Rangers controlling ferral pigs
Rangers controlling weed spreading